Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization

Deliverables Committee

The Deliverables Committee advises the Governing Committee with respect to departmental accountability for the resources received and recommends core deliverables for patient care, education, and research and scholarship.

Deliverables Committee Terms of Reference

Deliverables Committee Membership for 2015-16:

Voting Members:
Chair - Melanie Jaeger
Amy Acker
Dallas Seitz
Greg Davies
Heather Murray
Stephen Vanner
David Zelt
Jason Franklin

Non-voting Members:
Michael Fitzpatrick (ex-officio)
John Leverette (ex-officio)
Richard Reznick (ex-officio)

John Lott
Sally Stanton
Iain Young
Danielle Claus
David Lavin

Administrative Support:
Lacey Cranston