Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization


Billing Tip #1: Version codes

“EH2 version code does not match health number version code for service date" is the most frequently encountered error code returned by OHIP. 

At most hospital registration points, Health Card Reader (HCR) software applications are utilized to validate health cards with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) in real-time to ensure accurate information is documented at the point of contact. 

What can you do to help minimize the number of claims delayed by the EH2 version code error?

First, ensure you submit claims as soon as possible to SBS. We recommend weekly submissions to minimize the potential for valid information to change due to delays in processing time.

Second, ensure your patient registration points are registering patients in real-time and utilizing the available HCR software.

Billing Tip #2: Master Numbers

Did you know a valid hospital Master Number (MN) is mandatory on all OHIP claims submitted for services rendered in a hospital?

The Master Number is an identification system that brings together an amalgamation of health units and health-related units, facilities, clinics, programs and services.

Master Numbers are assigned based on “type” of service or program offered.
Why is it important to ensure the correct Master Number is submitted with your claims?

An incorrect/inaccurate Master Number can prevent successful payment of a claim or affect future successful payments of claims for you and/or your colleagues.

Don’t see a facility listed or have questions about the correct facility number to use for your billing?

Contact SBS and a billing specialist will be happy to assist you.