Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization

Governing Committee

The SEAMO Governing Committee was created to establish policies to enable the delivery of clinical service, health education and research under the AFP agreement.  The Governing Committee follows the rules laid out in the SEAMO Rules and Regulations.

Governing Committee Membership for 2015-16:

Voting Members:
Chair - Peter Copestake
CTAQ President - David Messenger
CTAQ Vice-President - Mariana Silva
CTAQ Member - Dale Engen
CTAQ Member - Paula James
CTAQ Member - Darren Beiko
Department of Medicine - Stephen Archer
Department of Surgery - John Rudan
Hotel Dieu Hospital - David Pichora
Head, Basic Sciences - Michael Adams
Head, Clinical Department - Stephen Bagg
Head, Clinical Department - Graeme Smith
Kingston General Hospital - Leslee Thompson
Providence Care - Cathy Szabo
School of Medicine - Roumen Milev
SEAMO CEO/Dean Health Sciences - Richard Reznick
Queen's University appointee - Donna Janiec

Non-voting Members (Gallery)
Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education - Brian Bennett
Head, Department of Family Medicine - Glenn Brown
Head, Department of Pediatrics - Robert Connelly
Vice-Dean, Research - Roger Deeley
Director, Critical Care Program - John Drover
Associate Dean, FHS - David Edgar
Head, Department of Oncology - Elizabeth Eisenhauer
Chair, Deliverables Committee - Melanie Jaeger
Vice-Dean, Education - Leslie Flynn
Head, Department of Otolaryngology - Russell Hollins
Associate Dean, Life Sciences - Michael Kawaja
Chief of Staff, HDH - Mike Fitzpatrick
Vice-President, Medical and Academic Programs - John Leverette (acting)
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education - Tony Sanfilippo
Head, Department of Anesthesiology - Joel Parlow
Head, Department of Urology - Rob Siemens
Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology - Graeme Smith
Head, Department of Ophthalmology - Martin ten Hove
Head (Acting), Department of Pathology - Lois Shepherd
Vice-Dean, Postgraduate Education - Ross Walker
Executive Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences - Iain Young
Chief of Staff, KGH - David Zelt

Executive Director, SEAMO - Danielle Claus
Medical Director, SEAMO - Iain Young
Chief Financial Officer, SEAMO - Denis Bourguignon